In Second Life i am known as Lilac Niven aka AvaGirl.

Birthdate: January, 7th 2007

So much has changed in the way we look in SL over the past years. Gosh! When i was born, real looking skins did not exist yet and when born you had to walk around with stiff wooden hair until you were able to buy at least some flexible hair. In those days camping for money was very normal and all over the grid you could find such spots. I camped for many, many hours to buy my first flexible hair. But as all my hard worked (read camped) money was spend for the hair, i had no money left to buy some decent clothes, thus i started making my own. I simply made them by using the edit outfit tool in SL. In the picture on the right you see me with my first flexi hair and my own made clothes (oh and yeah, in the picture i was camping again. lmao!) 

For a while i just roamed around the grid making a lot of fun and making a lot of new friends from all over the world. But then i discovered roleplaying in SL. (You have to know, i am a sucker when it comes down to fantasy stories.) I found a roleplaying sim called Avilion, a Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Community.

After i spend all my money buying wings and a gorgeous outfit made out of leaves,  Fairy Lilac was born. My home in SL became Avilion. For a long time i almost spend all my time there, often pondering in the Faery Gardens. Talking, dancing, playing with fellow fairies and visiting people. I had great times there, but at some point i wanted something new…

Not really knowing what i wanted and how i wanted to spent my time in SL, my beloved husband (in SL known as Beer Dailey) one day said to me: “My love, i have downloaded and installed some drawing program’s for you and a template set of an avatar… Go be the creative woman i know!” My sweet, sweet man… how he does know me!

I started making my very own clothing, using my own photography from RL and by getting inspired by all of you out there. Slowly my first brand developed: Lil’s

Here a few examples of what i made in the very beginning. Each flower photographed RL by me.


For about 2,5 years i designed & created clothing for Lil’s. Ofcourse i grew in my creations and my perfection. But also i grew in my collection and needed more space. I have had my own sim, first with mall, later with just my own Mainstore (simwide!) and an enchanted forest for all to dance in or just to sit and relax.

Unfortunately i had to stop with Lil’s after this long, but fun period. With Lil’s and my own sim, it became a full time job to be able to pay the sim’s rent each and every month. My RL became more busy and needed more of my time. I had to make the sad decision to stop with Lil’s and give up the sim…

After a period of about half a year not being online and not creating things, i felt some kind of emptiness. Not long after i came back online again, a very dear friend of mine, Ayla Stradling, took me “under her wings”. She’s the one who opened doors for me and made it possible i could start NEW.

And thus, AvaGirl was born in January 2012. In February 2012 AvaGirl officially launched and opened her doors…

In Real Life my name is Sandra. I am Dutch, happily married and having a wonderful daughter of 12 years. I love to do photography. Some of my work you can view at Sandra’s FotoKunst and at my Flickr.

Until this point all is in balance. I am having a lot of fun creating again, but also am glad i was able to kinda step out of the “Lil’s-thinking-creations”. I am exploring many new ways in creating fashion and am learning a lot from my friend Ayla.

Wow! This has become a long story, but i hope you liked reading it…



Lilac Niven


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