Animated Roller Skates – NOW for men too!

UPDATE: The Animated Roller Skates are now available for men too! Also available in 6 different prints/colors:

AvaBoy - Roller Skates multicolor


AvaGirl’s animated Ice Skates are a huge success on the Marketplace. Therefore, and due to requests from her regular customers she now made awesome Animated Roller Skates as well!

There are 6 different colors/prints to choose! Below the Pink pair is shown.

AvaGirl - Roller Skates Pink

With the Roller Skates Control Hud you are in control of which trick or figure you want to perform when.
Tired of performing tricks or figures and you just want to skate for a bit? No problem! Just walk or run and you will skate!

As the hud works best when you have turned of your regular AO, AvaGirl has made sure you do not stand like a noob when standing still. There is a standing animation integrated as well.

At the store you can try out the animations, but please mind this: The best way to perform your tricks is while skating. This is something which cannot be shown on a poser.

So come on over to try it!


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