Fashion for Life 2014

Hi everyone!

Fashion for Life 2014 almost opens and AvaGirl is participating in it! This year’s theme is Wanderlust.

Fashion For Life is an event supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.  It will run from June 7th through June 20th. It opens at 6 a.m. on the 7th and will close midnight on the 20th.  More info here:

AvaGirl has made 2 NEW EXCLUSIVES and 50% of these sales goes to this fund, so make sure you buy these to support the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life!

EXCLUSIVE 1: Pocket Dress

FFL Exclusive Pocket Dress


A strapless minidress with pastel worldmap print. On the front is a pocket filled with a trainticket, passport and compass. The dress is mesh and comes in 5 sizes. The Ticket, Passport and Compass is a seperate attachment so you can wear the dress with or without it.

The vest and clogs with knee socks you can buy seperately (these are not exclusives).

EXCLUSIVE 2: Complte Outfit

FFL Exclusive Complete Outfit


A complete outfit! The colorful Jeans and Shirt with Jacket are mesh and come in 5 sizes. (copy only) The Pocket-Belt, Leg-Pocket and Sneakers match the top and are sculpt. (copy & modify)

Ofcourse with traveling you need a good Backpack! I have set one out as Dollarbie (2L). Only to get at Fashion for Life 2014!


AvaGirl is located at the sim called FFL VOYAGE:

Have Fun!

Lilac Niven


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