Be the Queen of the Ice!

Always wanted to learn those amazing tricks of figure skating? Well now you can!

AvaGirl has made Ice Skates with a hud for you to dance over the ice. With the hud you are in control of which trick you want to perform when.
Tired of performing tricks and you just want to skate for a bit? No problem! Just walk or run and you will skate!

There are 2 types of skates available:

One pair with very High Heels for the more elegant and sophisticated ladies and one pair with leg-warmers for the more sportive girls.

Ice Skates White

Ice Skates Black Legwarmer Ice Skates

BONUS: The Ice Skate Dress on the picture you can pick up for only 1L !!!!

No place to skate? Then come on over to AvaGirl’s little Winter Wonderland.

A beautiful little frozen pond where you can skate all you want! Want to play a little in the snow? Then build a snowman! And when you are tired, just sit and relax with your friends and enjoy the lovely surrounding.

Want this little place at your home too? Well, then you can have that too! Cause this little pond is to buy as well! 😀

Frozen Winter Pond

Taxi—> AvaGirl’s little Winter Wonderland

Enjoy! 😀


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