HELP! I lost my Make-up! HUNT

HELP! I lost my Make-up! Without it i just feel nude!
Can you please help me find the 10 pieces i lost?

Help I lost my Makeup Hunt


I will reward you with every piece you find!

What to win


This is a little – just for fun – HUNT.
It runs from November 18 – December 15

You will need to hunt for make-up cases, lipstick, powder compacts & brushes.
There are 10 of them, each to buy for 1L
This means that you can get yourself 6 outfits, 4 belts, 2 winter scarfs, 2 watches and 1 bracelet for only 10L !!!

Every time you find and buy a piece you will get a numbered folder. Find that folder in your inventory, open the folder and check the Hint to the next item.

Best is to actually walk around, as some are pretty small and can not be found through camming.

The objects can be hidden inside or outside the store….

Have Fun!
Lilac Niven

Start Here


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