Invitation to AvaGirl’s first Fashion Show

A few months ago i got contacted by Sylphide Models Agency. They thought my creations are great and they would be honoured if they could make a show around AvaGirl. They would be honoured??? I am honoured!!! *smiles

Ofcourse i wanted something new to present at the show as well, so while the agency was recruiting the models perfect for AvaGirl, i went ahead and started to make not 1 but 2 new dresses specially for this occasion. Curious? All i can say is one is a basic summer dress, perfect for mixing and matching your own style, the other is a gorgeous gown to wear on those sultry summer nights. Even more curious? Come to the show! 😀 Meanwhile the agency and the models worked very hard to get everything just right and to prepare themselfs for the big night…

Yesterday i was present at the final rehearsal and my oh my… IT’S GONNA BE SO AWESOME!

The decor matching the young, fresh and girly style that AvaGirl is all about, the gorgeous models wearing and showing it all perfectly, the announcer saying all the right words and the dj playing all great songs for the right mood… You just have got to experience this for yourself!

Sylphide Models Agency and AvaGirl INVITE you to come to AvaGirl’s first Fashion Show!
It will be great and a little present is awaiting you too!

Come on Saturday, June 22 Saturday at 1.00 pm slt (22.00hrs European Time)

(Show starts at 1pm slt, make sure to come early to ensure yourself the best seat!)

Taxi to Sylphide Models Agency click here

Invitation Fashion Show AvaGirl

Please like Sylphide Models Agency’s Facebook!


Hope to see you all!



Lilac Niven


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