AvaGirl’s Easter Hunt – CLOSED

AvaGirl is having an in-store Easter hunt.
Find 12 eggs and get a complete Burlesque Bunny outfit in baby-pink including Heels!!!

AvaGirl's Easter Hunt 2013 met rand

Come on over to the mainstore and click on the hunt sign in order to get all information needed and start hunting.

Have fun!


Egg 1: These Exclusives can not be bought.

Egg 2: Playing hide and seek with the masked diva.

Egg 3: Feel free to join.

Egg 4: Nighty Night!

Egg 5: I am a round, not an egg!

Egg 6: This sweater keeps my shoulders warm.

Egg 7: These boots are made for walking

Egg 8: I just adore Opal

Egg 9: I keep an eye out for traffic.

Egg 10: Hanging on the crossroad.

Egg 11: I workout in style.

Egg 12: These jeans have a funny closing.


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