AvaGirl & Fashion for Life – Sneak Preview


Hi all!

Fashion for Life in SL almost begins (March 9- March 17) and i am getting pretty nervous as this is my first time i participate in such a huge event.

Fashion for Life is a week-long event spread over 7 Sims raising money for Relay for Life – American Cancer Society. But do not let this name fool you; even though it’s an American based charity, they are well-known for being a world-wide organization. This event features many designers. Each store has at least 3 NEW items for sale at this event (during this event these items will be only availble at Fashion for Life.) and 100% of these profits go to Relay for Life – American Cancer Society.

AvaGirl not only made 3 Exclusives (in various colours), but also made a gorgeous Limited Edition Gown of which also 100% profits go to this charity! Only 50 of them will be sold ever! So start saving your lindens! 😀

AvaGirl will will be located at the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” sim. (As soon as the sim is open to the public i will post the landmark).


The Limited Edition Gown:

FFL 2013 Limited Edition1




The 3 Exclusives:





Bliss - Sakura Bliss - Birds in the Sky




Nena - White Nena - Lilac Nena - Blue



I hope you all come to this event!




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