AvaGirl & AvaBoy Photo Contest

AG & AB Photo Contest poster for Flickr
GOAL: Show AvaGirl’s and/or AvaBoy’s clothing AND the sim Dreamy Island at it’s best!

This contest runs from April 18 until May 30, 2015
When you enter a picture, it will be shown at the shop’s square

1st Place
1000L Cash
500L Shopping Voucher

2nd Place
500L Cash
500L Shopping Voucher

3rd place
500L Shopping Voucher

The Shopping Voucher can be used on anything that is being sold on the sim
Outlet Village
Garden Shop

* Your picture must be taken at Dreamy Island (the home-sim of AvaGirl & Avaboy)

* It is mandatory that you wear something from AvaGirl or AvaBoy
– The clothing must be purchased at the Mainstore between April 18 until May 30, 2015
– Outfits from the Sales Dept and Lil’s corner are allowed
– Items purchased at the Outlet Village below 50L$ do not apply.
Of course you may use those to complement your main look

* More avatars in the picture are allowed, but only the avatar entering this competition is entitled to win

* You may enter more than once, but every picture you enter must be on a different location on the sim wearing a different outfit

* Adult content is not allowed

* Picture editing is allowed

* Picture size: 512×512 / 1024×1024 (preferably) or 1024×512 (preferably)

* The winners agree to give up all copyrights for the benefits of AvaGirl & AvaBoy and Dreamy Island

* Official AvaGirl and/or AvaBoy Bloggers are excluded from this contest

* Not complying to these rules excludes your entry without notice

At the Mainstore’s Square, Click on the bulletin board to get an Entry notecard

Fill it out – do not forget to drag your picture in full perm onto this entry-notecard! – and drop it into the mailbox at the mainstore’s square (next to the bulletin board), simply by dragging the notecard from your inventory onto the mailbox.

Feel free to join AvaGirl & AvaBoy group on Flickr and add your picture there.
Please name it AG & AB Photocontest – your name


* Lilac Niven & Ithinkthisisa Cooljoke are the judges of this contest. Their decision will be final!

However! People can help us to decide by voting on your picture! When you enter your picture, your picture will be displayed at the mainstore square and people can vote on your picture once!

Winners will be announced in the week after this contest is over in AvaGirl and AvaBoy Group and will be contacted personally.
Now go and have FUN! 😀
Taxi to Dreamy Island HERE

NEW Chic ensemble – Libby

Libby Ad

A chic ensemble perfect for autumn consisting of jeggings with zipper at the ankles and a lovely top with open back and bow.
You can mix and match this outfit as you like as the jeggings and top are seperate to buy.
Both are available in brown (as in picture), black, red & blue.

Don’t forget as AvaGirl Groupmember you can buy fatpacks for the price of only 1 color!!!

See you inworls at the Mainstore

NEW Mix & Match for Men



A pair of Belted Jeans with chained Wallet in the back pocket.
You can choose between Blue, Black or Brown Jeans and Black Belted (Silver Chained) or Brown Belted (Gold Chained.
A Blouse and Vest (steampunk inspired), also with a pocket chain: Gold or Silver
There are 3 blouse colors: Blue, Black Brown and 2 vest colors: Black & Brown

All is separate to buy so you can Mix & Match as you like!

Don’t forget as AvaBoy Groupmember you can buy Fatpacks for the price of one!!!

TAXI——> AvaBoy